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for those wanting to lead a Spiritual Life

All of Andrew and Bonnie Schneider's books are written from a soul perspective. The soul is the essence and uniqueness of who we are and how we contribute to others.

Order any of the full series below and save.

New: Joy of Life Series .

Journey through Life Series - Here are 4 perspectives describing how our personality and soul journey through life. Each is a journey

Quality of Life Series - Move through depression, despair and ego's wants and pleasures towards your innate needs, purposes and authenticity. Relationships are a fundamental way to meet your needs and develop soul consciousness.

Soul Cycles - Everything, without exception, in time and space, functions according to specific cycles. Understand your cycles so you can go with the flow instead of against it.

  • Soul-Personality Cycles E-book - Work WITH your PERSONAL cyclical energies to support your soul journey. If we open to these influences, we can work more synergistically with life.

Divine Life Series -  Soul is the bridge between the universal and our form life. Understand how the higher realms relate to the divinity in you.

  • Essential Divinity - Everything that exists is, in its essence, divine. The oneness of life is manifest in infinite diversity.
  • Universal Laws - The universal being of which we are a part and which conditions all of our experiences expresses itself as three universal laws.
  • Meditation - Connect with and ground soul energies with this 9 step procedure which fulfills all the basic requirements of a well-rounded meditation.

Imagination Series - Imagination is fundamental for soul connection. Develop imagination using four great tools - interpreting dreams, writing your life story, soul dialogue and active imagination.

  • Imagination - Its Importance- In order to create soul consciousness or be soulful, one must be imaginative. Imagination is the fundamental faculty upon which soul creation rests. No imagination, no connection with soul
  • Interpreting Dreams- Explore the facts of dreams and how to befriend and interpret dreams. Dreams will lead you to what is meaningful which is an expression of your soul.
  • Active Imagination- Explore your subconscious mind and unconscious processing.
  • Write mythological story- Give meaning, purpose and life to your experiences and evolution on your soul journey.
  • Soul dialogue Learn to discriminate soul and personality as they 'speak' differently about the same realities.



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